Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Chris Christie vs. The Newark Star-Ledger, again...

...for you out-of-staters, the Newark Star-Ledger is Jersey's answer to the New York Times - a clueless, knee-jerkedly liberal publication that loathes both Republicans and any Democrat who refuse to goose-step to leftist ideology. So it is no surprise to see (well, hear) Ginger Gibson of the Star-Ledger ask Governor Christie if he sees his absence during the recent snowstorm as a PR disaster of sorts while questioning the flippant tone of some of his advisers (a question not asked of Mike "shut up and ski" Bloomberg, as far as I know).

The governor answers her, in Classic Chris Christie style:

Gibson has
worked her hardest to put a Bloomberg taint on Christie:

As transportation was brought to a halt and people were trapped in cars and their homes, Christie's vacation has made international news...

More by Ginger Gibson on Christie's international condemnation
here, although she does not source it and I cannot find it, with most of the criticism (or reporting on it thereof) coming from Northeast media outlets or progressive blogs, hoping beyond hope that this is "Christie's Katrina", and that he can be derailed before he shows America how to balance a budget and deliver services without rasing taxes, thus destroying the liberal governing philosophy once and for all.

Actually, it's not just the wacko lefty bloggers, it's the wacko lefty columnists at the Star-Ledger who also are dreaming of Christie's downfall.
Paul Mulshine, the Ledger's #1 certifiable idiot, speaks and leaves no doubt:

From now on, Chris Christie will be seen on video as the guy who went to Disney World during a blizzard and came home to tell the taxpayers, "I had a great five days with my children."

I hope those five days really were great. Because Christie’s going to be reliving them for a long, long time.

You think, Pauli? The voters you believe you speak for think differently...Gibson reports, and eats some crow here:

Online poll shows Gov. Christie is leading possible Republican presidential nominee

The poll was conducted between Dec. 30 and Jan 3, after Christie began coming under fire for remaining in Disney World while the state was hit by a blizzard...

Guess it's not the end for Christie after all. But for the Star-Ledger and its crack columnists, it might as well be the apocalypse...

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New Jersey, you hit the jackpot