Tuesday, January 18, 2011

35% of Democrats are certifiably insane. As for the rest, well...

...33-35%. That's the same number of people that seem to support the most extreme, leftist, position in any poll. Oddly enough, it's almost the same exact number of folks who define themselves as Democrats.

And here they come again - via JammieWearingFool :

A full week of leftwing insanity goes by and its thoroughly discredited, yet CNN figures it's time for a poll with leading questions about Sarah Palin and the dreaded harsh rhetoric and violent metaphors by politicians and commentators. They don't quite get the desired results.

A total of 35% thought Palin had a great deal or moderate amount to do with it, while 59% said not much or none at all.

Remember, 22% of America thought Bush planned the 9/11 attacks; among Democrats, 35% of them thought Bush knew about the attacks, while a mere 39% believed he didn't.

Call this "the insanity" factor in any public poll. Take out the registered Democrats, and then you'll get an idea what "mainstream" America really thinks about any one issue.

Of course, the converse is true as well: If the media wants to get a response in line with their prejudices and ideology, and leading questions can't get it done, why...just stack the poll with Democrats!

Seems like the media is hell-bent on using the hole they dug for themselves last week as a mere starting point for how low they intend to go...

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