Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ted Williams: Criminal / Liberal Homeless Sensation!

Homeless singing sensation Ted Williams is a perfect hero to the left; his mellifluous voice can be held up as a scold to every person who has every asked that the destitute be moved off their doorsteps. "See?", the liberal sneers, "what talent he has with that golden voice, he's just as human as you or I, maybe moreso with his wonderful talents, don't you feel shame for not giving the homeless more of your money when they have begged for it? Now that we've taught you a lesson with the example of Mr. Williams, it's time you forked over more money to pay for our myriad of liberal social welfare programs, lest you be responsible for more gifted, artistic folks like Williams dying in the street..."

The Left, seeing an opportunity to flaunt their moral superiority, has fallen all over itself in trying to raise Mr. William's profile. The NY Daily News:

Golden-throated panhandler Ted Williams has gotten some impressive job offers since video of him begging near a Columbus, Ohio, highway went viral.

He has done voiceovers for Kraft and signed on with MSNBC. The Cleveland Cavaliers are considering hiring him. So is Oprah Winfrey. There is even the possibility of doing a movie with Jack Nicholson.

The New York Post adds more on Oprah:

"I would like to see him be a part of OWN," she gushed to "Inside Edition." "It would be fantastic to hear him say 'The Oprah Winfrey Network.' "

Back to the Daily News, which throws cold water on the hero-worshippers of the Leeft:

The overnight sensation should take every gig, because he has a major debt to pay.

That would be to his ex-wife, Patricia Kirtley, whom he left behind 23 years ago when he sank into a cesspool of drug addiction, alcoholism and homelessness.

While Williams racked up a long rap sheet, Kirtley - alone and half-blind - raised his four daughters. Plus a son he fathered by a girlfriend.

Those kids became productive members of society, all thanks to the woman he left behind. And no thanks to their father.

Having children is the ultimate responsibility. Abandoning them is the ultimate act of selfishness. Where is William's contrition? Where are the voices of the Left urging him to fulfill his prior obligations with his new-found fame and future wealth?

So quiet, and I still can't even hear a cricket...

And someone ought to tell the preening liberals, especially the movie moguls and network execs, that we don't owe Ted Williams a damn thing, it is he that owes something to us, to society. Back to the Post:

Williams has a rap sheet stretching back at least to 1991. He is a convicted felon with a list of busts for everything from theft to robbery to forgery to drug possession, according to The Smoking Gun.

And despite saying he is a changed man who has gotten sober and cleaned up his act, he has tangled with the law as recently as last summer.

On May 14, the 53-year-old Brooklyn native was arrested for an incident in which he pleaded guilty to first-degree theft.

Then in July, a Columbus tire business called cops and complained that Williams was doing something that looked a lot like pimping.

The owner, who gave his name only as Dan, professed to being a "little aggravated" by Williams' newfound fame.

"He's basically been a thief for the past two years," Dan told the Web site.

Williams ought to beware of the adoration of the media and the Left, as they are more fickle mistresses than impudent ho's. They will use him to make a moral point - about the superiority of theirs, and the failings of ours. Once they feel the point has been made, his usefulness will be over, and he will be dumped like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag, left to wonder what he did wrong, and finding no answers that make sense from any of his former liberal friends, will likely find himself back on the street, back on drugs, and back stealing from Dan's tire business by next winter.

Remember, Oprah and the media gushed over a certain presidential candidate too, based more on proving their more refined nature than anything said candidate has ever accomplished. Sure, he got the job - but he ain't so popular anymore, and a lot of his old supporters are running and hiding from him as we speak.

And one has to believe - by looking at the president's face - he'd rather be anywhere than the place Oprah et al pushed him to be...


Jkw said...

Well Said,

The JerseyNut said...

Thanks JKW!

Anonymous said...

It's more the media making him a sensation than anything else...but you are right, he will be victimized again, when they move on to their next flavor of the month.

And should he spiral downwards again, Oprah won't bat a (fake) eyelash.

Anonymous said...

How about the fact NBC hyjacked Williams at the airport in NYC, in an effort to get him on their show first... As a result a planned reunion between William and his mother was pushed back by 24 hours. Hardly the promotes the caring, nurturing image the left conjours up in regards to themselves for our benefit when the cameras are rolling. You are absolutely right, when the story is stale this guys back out on the streets.