Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Democrats blast Paul Ryan's "Roadmap", then admit they never read it...

Health care reform, redux....back then, the Democrats swore their reform bill was wonderful, although they never read it. Turns out it was awful....
Now, Democrats swear Paul Ryan's economic "Roadmap" for reform is awful, although they haven't read that either. Which, using the corollary I am laying out, means it is likely the Road Map is most likely the greatest thing since the adding of chocolate to milk.

Send in the clowns:

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has taken the role of lead Democratic attack dog in the renewed campaign against Paul Ryan's fiscal Roadmap, but it's not clear that he's fully aware of
what the plan lays out. Asked today in the Capitol if he had read the Roadmap, Schumer gave no response....

Which means he didn't read it. If you haven't noticed, Schumer is in a panic lately, blasting all deviations from "tax and spend politics as usual". Without pork to ladle out, Schumer is will have to rely on his intelligence and charm, neither of which he has in any great abundance...

While Schumer was silent, some of his Democratic colleagues openly admitted they haven't read Ryan's plan. "I haven't had a chance to look at anything," Ben Nelson of Nebraska told me. "I looked at it briefly when it came out last fall, I think," said Mark Pryor of Arkansas. "I didn't master the details."

“I use Google Maps,” was all Richard Durbin, the number two Democrat in the Senate, would say when asked if he'd read the plan.

At least one Congressperson watched the speech (apparently), and found realism so distasteful,
he turned to the bottle:

Rep. Anthony Weiner (N.Y.) praised Obama's speech as "uplifting," but said that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) response was too dour for his taste.

"[Obama] was then followed by a guy who was bumming us out," he said on MSNBC Tuesday night. "I felt like I just needed a drink when I was done with Paul Ryan."

When the going gets tough, the Democrats get drunk. Easier, I suppose, than reading and thoughtfully examining a domestic policy initiative. But think of the mindset: If liberals see the only antidote to the reality of our times as escapism, what are the odds the Democrats will actually face up to and fix our nation's problems?

And it isn't just the liberals in Congress that are ducking responsibility and snuggling with a bottle - seems like the president has
a bad case of denial as well:

As the elected leader of the nation — and as one of the architects of our fiscal crisis — Obama has an obligation to address it in a serious, systematic, and intellectually honest manner. Instead, he is eschewing his governing duties. He is living in a world of his own imagination. That might be fine for writers of fiction and fairy tales. But for the president of the United States, it is quite a bad thing indeed.

Well, Schmukie Schumer, Rich Durbin, and Anthony Weiner are just idiots; perhaps illiterates as well. Obama, I fear, may have gone down a darker path altogether....

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Jim - PRS said...

Schumer is detestable. He was so anxious to get into politics, he never bothered to take the bar exam. It worked out OK for him, though, because he has never had to hold an honest job. He has always been a politician. And a weasel.