Thursday, January 06, 2011

Who'll Get The Credit For 300,000 New Jobs?

Some interesting early figures:

Companies added nearly 300,000 jobs in December, according to an unofficial count by a private payroll firm — more than in any month in the past decade. The news raised hopes that the government’s official report Friday on last month’s job creation could be a blockbuster.

While there were reasons to doubt the numbers, the report from Automatic Data Processing, and another showing strength in the nation’s service industries, reversed what was shaping up to be an ugly day on Wall Street...

Interesting that there was such a huge hiring spike in December. What could have precipitated it? After all, hiring tracks and trends coming out of recession are usually more gradual and measured, with gains coming incrementally on a monthly basis. Assuming the figures are correct and this isn't a blip on the radar, what would have caused such a sudden, massive increase in hiring?

The announcement we were now the proud owners of over a trillion dollars of debt? The new and increasing complex rules and regulations being generated by Obamacare every fifteen minutes? The threat of massive tax increases hanging over the head of every man, woman and business in the United States?


Or maybe it was one singular event. Those of November 2nd, 2010, wherein a lawless government - which had been looting the citizenry of the nation, printing more and more worthless money, and plundering our national treasure - was reined in by a new political force, one that promised to put an end to reckless spending, regulation, and taxation, and put the nation on a secure and sustainable financial track.

In other words, the "economic recovery" which we will hear so much about within 24 hours was created solely by the arrival of the Republicans in Congress. The hope that the Republicans will bring change was enough to give American businesses the courage to start to hire, to build, to expand and grow once again....

All of this, despite every effort made by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic party to squelch the very growth we are about to see.

But let's answer the question posed as the title of the post. Who will get the credit for tomorrow's promising job report and economic data?

The Democrats, of course. And the media - already bashing the Republicans 15 minutes into their tenure as stewards of the House - will call for a continuation of the policies that have almost brought us to ruin.

I hope the Republicans brought some media-savvy spokesman with them to D.C.. Their job would be fairly simple, actually - just keep chanting "November 2nd, November 2nd..."

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