Friday, January 14, 2011

Poll Shows Americans Blame Liberals For "Heated Rhetoric"

Is this a sign that nobody gives a hoot what anyone in the mainstream media says anymore, or is this evidence of a "boomerang" affect in media reporting , with every unsourced, biased attack made by the MSM resulting in a surge in public support for the opposing position?

Quinnipac polls, I merely report:

Who do you think is more responsible for using heated political rhetoric, liberals or conservatives?

Liberals 36%

Conservatives 32%
DK/NA 32%

Considering the blitzkrieg conducted by the media - while the victims lay bleeding - in an attemp to cement blame for the Arizona massacre at the feet of Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and conservative Americans, this result is nothing less than shocking.

What do we read into this? That the old-school mainstream media is nothing short of irrelevant in today's information-saturated environment? Or that distrust of the media now runs so deep in the American consciousness that we are instantly, reflexively, staking out the position opposite of theirs?

Let's just say at this point, I hope the media's love affair with Barack Obama never ends....but on a more thoughtful note, Tony Blankly blames the media itself for creating the "hostile rhetoric" which they are now blaming for Jared Loughner's killing spree:

Now is the time for us all to pause, and consider how the working members of the media can live with their biased liberalism — yet not allow it to permeate their work and undercut the political dialogue and political process that is the foundation of our democracy.

Indeed, it may well be the case that the now institutional failure of the mainstream media to do its job with reasonable objectivity may itself be the cause of the incivility in political dialogue. Without an objective umpire in the political debate, the players are forced to shout louder and louder so that their interpretation of the state of play on the field can be heard by the fans. But political incivility is a topic for some future discussion. Now is the moment for the nation assembled to try to come to terms with the tragic failure of the media to report objectively about political incivility.

They're like an addict that has hit rock-bottom...the only question is whether they can wake up in time to save themselves, or if we will find the collective media one day frozen to death on a proverbial subway grate, stinking of decay and uncleanliness, as we avert our eyes and keep moving forward....

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Bonzer Wolf said...

I agree that the lunatic left is responsible for spreading the very hatred they claim to be against. Read my take here