Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Congratulations, Sarah Palin - You've Been "Jew'd" !

Watching the coverage of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, and the rush by various parties to blame Sarah Palin - or to figure out how to blame her - I was struck by the similarity of the scapegoating offered by our media and politicians to that of the state-run media and officials of Middle Eastern nations.

As we know, whenever a sparrow falls from an olive tree somewhere in the Middle East, it is nothing short of a nefarious plot by the Jews. From shark attacks in the Red Sea to wayward vultures arrested as Zionist spies (did the "beak" give them away?), there is no stretch too far, no lie too laughable, no connection too tenuous, for these tin-pot despots and their media arms to reach their pre-determined conclusions: the Jews are at fault.

And while we laugh half a world away (well, most of us, anyway), our media is engaged in the same type of behavior. There is very little they cannot blame on Tea Party, but even worse, there is no crime too heinous or too innocuous that cannot somehow be tied to Sarah Palin, aka The Most Evil Woman in The World. If a tree falls in Brooklyn or a bridge collapses in Idaho or mud slides in California or a paraniod schizoid shoots a politician in Tuscon, the first thing our media does is pore over her words, both printed and spoken, to try and find a Davinci code-esque connection. Once created, it is presented as fact, or at least as plausible, to the American people.

Sorry, Sarah. I guess our media needs their own Jews, and they've found them in the Tea Party, and since they have decided you are the leader of this racist group of violent insurgents, you become - dare I say - their #1 target for blame, scapegoating, and slander.

You deserve better than to be "Jew'd", Sarah. But stay tough, your strength and dignity will force them to their knees before they force you to yours. Just the way the great state of Israel, and the Jewish people, continue to stand athwart the great wave of hatred that comes in their direction on a daily basis from ignorant media types and the opportunistic politicians who love them...

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kitty c said...

My heros have always been cowboys, and now I add Sarah Palin.