Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chris Christie v. Chuck Schumer, Round II

...Schmuckie Schumer is f*cking with the wrong guy here, and he's looking stupider every day (if such a thing is possible). Yesterday, he blasted Chris Christie’s decision to cancel the insanely expensive ARC tunnel as “one of the most shortsighted in New York’s history" as he demanded that Chris Christie restart the project.

Of course, Christie works for the people of New Jersey, and not New York, and Schumer's fury is largely based on the fact that Jersey was going to get stuck with anywhere
between $5-$8 billion in cost overruns, while New York would simply get additional tourists and investment-free tax revenue. A con man hates it when the target gets wise and busts the scam, hence Schumer's impotent rage.

Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak:

"Where was the senior senator from New York with funding alternatives to a project that was predicted to run billions over projections - all of which were to be borne by New Jersey and its taxpayers? This was a 'bi-state' project for which Senator Schumer's state and the federal government were set to pay zero, zilch, nothing for the cost overruns. We can live with the criticism while protecting taxpayers from this boondoggle, which was simply a bad deal for New Jersey."

Drewniak went further in questioning Senator's Schumer's timing and motivation in slamming Governor Christie's decision on ARC, which was made in October.

"I'll also give Senator Schumer the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn't brush up on the topic before he spoke. Unless, of course, his remarks are merely political, which is always a possibility," Drewniak said.

And from Chris Christie himself:

"I'll say what I said about other senators. Their job is easy. They get to sit in front of microphones and bloviate. I've got to balance budgets...If Senator Schumer would like to tell me where he was going to get the additional $5 billion? I f he's got it - since he's such an important guy in the U.S. Senate maybe he's got it himself. If he wants to offer me $5 billion, then maybe we can have a conversation. Until that time, he should mind his manners on the other side of the Hudson River."

It will be interesting to see what kind of damage Schumer tries to inflict on New Jersey from his perch in the Senate. Ironic that, whatever damage he intends to do, he will likely get help from New Jersey Senators Lautenberg (D-Living Dead) and Menendez (
D-La Raza), who would rather line the union's pocketbooks than protect the citizens of the state they claim to represent from a project will surely bankrupt New Jersey...

But a note to Schumer: Trying to intimidate Chris Christie is a waste of time. Just ask Ray Lahood...

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