Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brooklyn Decker Brings Hope To Jersey

When I was a kid, Brooklyn was Jersey. Only in the sense that it was a media location sensation (Saturday Night Fever, Welcome Back Kotter, and....Mayor Koch) the way New Jersey (Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of, Chris Christie) is today. But like all fads, lust turned to disgust, and the borough of Brooklyn became just another used-up former star on the ex-celebrity trash heap.

It took almost a quarter-century for Brooklyn to return to the public consciousness. Once a setting for irony and kitsch, it was reborn trendy urban chic, as the setting of Williamsburg, Fort Greene, and DUMBO (as in, "down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass") - all seemingly more desirable places to live and play than Manhattan itself.

What's the point of all this? Primarily to show pictures of Brooklyn Decker, of course. And to pay homage to Rule 5. But the fact that she would rename herself after the borough once known strictly for ethnic stereotypes and bad urban camp means that one day New Jersey can be reborn, too. Mocked now for our illiterate men (and why is is still OK to keep picking on Italians, after 25-odd years?) women of questionable moral character, and a bombastic politician, maybe we too will be reborn as a cooler-than-thou collection of towns and burbs where folks, free of the burden of onerous taxation, will live, and create, and procreate...

And super models will give themselves names like "Jersey Jones", and the such.

Brooklyn give us hope:

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"no Sleep till Brooklyn"