Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How ignorant is Barack Obama about the fundamental character of the American people?

This ignorant....and as the source here is Bobby Jindal, I fully believe in the accuracy of this anecdote:

In his recently released book Leadership and Crisis, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal recounts an exchange with President Obama during the Gulf oil drilling moratorium. (Full disclosure: I co-wrote the book with Jindal.) After telling Obama that the moratorium would potentially cost tens of thousands of jobs, "The president went on to assure me that anyone who lost their job would get a check from BP. When I explained that BP might not write them checks because it was the federal government that imposed the moratorium the president said, 'Well, if BP won't pay the claim, they can file for unemployment.' I was amazed by the level of disconnect. The people of Louisiana want to work, not collect unemployment or BP checks."

For Obama, getting an unemployment check is about the same as getting paycheck.

No, it's better, because it makes them wards of the state, and thus more easily controllable.

But that's not the point; the point is that years spent hobnobbing in socialist circles has completely wiped out Obama's sense of morality, and any connection he had to the specific morality of the American people. This a nation of people who want to work, and when they can't, feel shame in the inability to provide, who feel embarrassed by perpetually taking unemployment checks or going on welfare (because we understand it is other people's money we are then living on), and who want nothing more than to get ahead on their own steam, as it were - blaze a path for themselves, so that they can list their own accomplishments with pride, and perhaps have a legacy - both moral and financial - to pass on to their descendants.

Socialists don't get this; their primary aim is to create a society where everyone is at a sustenance level, but not much more (well, except for the leadership, of course). So Obama doesn't see the difference between a job and a welfare check, save for the fact that if you are looking to create a socialist nation, the welfare recipient will show more loyalty to the state than the honest worker will, a point not lost on a president who oft throws an admiring glance towards the South American despot-lite model...

His basic misunderstanding of the American character is perhaps the greatest flaw in Obama's game, hence the continuation of his agenda set to put us on the Greek/Franco socialist track. We won't go there, but a lot of damage will be done to our economic engine, being that our driver has no clue how the gear shift and accelerator works...

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