Monday, January 24, 2011

Jeff Immelt: Another Dim Bulb In Obama's Inner Circle...

...look, when you have a room full of 10 watt bulbs, and none of them can shed any new light on the subject (the economy), adding another 10-watter isn't going to make a hell of a lot of difference here.

Could just be that the president likes dim bulbs; all the better to bask in his radiance. Or perhaps Obama is simply nowhere near as smart as we were led to believe. But back to Immelt, and why
he'll be a perfect fit for the Obama administration:

During Immelt’s ten-year reign as CEO, GE had to cut its dividend and its stock price has fallen to about half its previous value.

I guess to Barack Obama, a company who's decision-making process has cost it's small stockholders 50% of their stake is a good corporate citizen. What else has Immelt done that makes him a star in Obama's eye?

As CEO of General Electric, Immelt directly participated in promoting Obama’s “cap-and-trade” energy regulations proposal. While this could increase GE’s short-term business in wind and solar technologies, the consequences of the policy is certain — by Obama’s own admission — to “skyrocket” energy costs. GE has additionally sold technology to Iran and it is planning on sharing jet engine technology with China. GE also lobbied for and received tens of millions in stimulus money and received financial support from the Federal Reserve.

To recap: He's a corporate whore who is complicit in raising energy prices on all Americans, plans to profit heavily on green initiatives (such as fluorescent bulbs), and trades with our enemy.

No wonder Obama's in love. Immelt is a private-sector version of himself.

Two dim bulbs don't produce bright ideas, by the way.

Can I go a step further? Obama and Immelt combined don't equal one run-of-the-mill idiot.

Bad to worse, I suppose...

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