Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Senator Menendez Touts Lame-Duck Amnesty

I guess it's no surprise that the shame of New Jersey, Senator Bob Menendez (D-La Raza), is openly optimistic about passing amnesty for illegal aliens...after his party gets their clock cleaned in the upcoming elections:

I think the time to get it done is in November, right after the elections. I'm being very pragmatic. I think there are a bunch of people who are retiring who would cast votes (because) their heart and their intellect tell them it is the right thing, but their politics might have told them no. They are free to cast votes that we might not normally get. I think it's a propitious time to get something done if we have presidential leadership. That's what I said to the president two weeks ago when I was at the White House with him.

Well, yeah, they'll be lots of people "retiring", if that's the word you wish to use, this November. It's interesting that Menendez is admitting that there's no chance of granting amnesty without doing it in an underhanded way - by having it voted on by lame-duck Congressmen no longer representing the American people. It's also an admission by our racialist Senator that there is no popular will behind the amnesty movement, or else it would not have to be achieved in legislative darkness...kind of like passing one version of the health care reform bill on Christmas Eve, and the other half on Sunday, and then using the reconciliation process to pass it into law, a process for which it was never intended.

But Menendez is all about illegal immigrants, the way Pelosi was all about health care reform, and the ends justify the means, even if the means are shredding the Constitution. Here's another
telling remark from Menendez (D-Illegal Immigrants):

The issue of immigration reform to Latinos is the civil rights issue of their time.

Just like health care! Is this the only narrative the Left has??

The funny thing is that I don't believe this is true at all. Latino citizens of the United States (let's call them ...Americans...) are just as peeved about illegal immigrants as any white guy in Arizona with a bandanna and a gun. When I talk to Hispanics living in New York, they tell me they have no patience for illegals, as they usually will pile in ten to an apartment that holds four, are often involved in crime, and, once they have a foothold, bring in more of their own, creating dangerous situations for the law-abiding families that are their neighbors. And the thought of giving them amnesty enrages our Americans of Hispanic descent even further, as they feel this would allow those who broke the law to "cut the line" ahead of those who followed the rules and waited their turn.

But I guess I talk to real Hispanics, while Menendez talks mostly with radical Hispanic organizations, ones that are more interested in increasing their membership and political power than doing the right thing by all Americans, including the people they claim to represent. Menendez is a guy who, in the middle of the worst financial crisis since the depression, found a
half-million in taxpayer funds to slush over to Hispanic radical group La Raza (The Race); he also held a book signing at their DC headquarters. He put a "hold" on legislation to reauthorize the E-Verify workplace verification program back in July of 2008 until he could get more breaks for illegals. And no matter how much innocent blood was spilled by illegals in New Jersey, Menendez never said a word, but instead fought for them, while his constituents were left to fend for themselves.

Bob Menendez (D-Racialists) does not represent New Jersey at all; he represents the worst that liberal thought can produce - a man who knows better than his constituents, a man who sees everything through the prism of race, and a man who will use any means necessary -even granting 12 million illegal residents citizen status overnight - to install a progressive regime, and to increase his own power.

Menendez is toast in 2012 -asssuming he can survive a recall by the fed-up citizens of Jersey..

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