Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Did Barack Obama Destroy Oprah Winfrey?

That question keeps popping up, especially when I read things like this:

In the back and forth battle between Oprah and Judge Judy for daytime supremacy, Judge Judy won for the second week in a row. Prior to Ms. Winfrey’s recent winning streak of three weeks, Judge Judy had a 10 week run of winning.

Why is Oprah the "undisputed Queen of daytime TV" when she can't even beat out a caustic judge? We may never know, as the media continues to pump her rapidly fading prowess while simultaneously shunning Kitty Kelly and anything regarding her new tell-all book on Chicago's richest and most famous woman (really, since when can the media resist a story about a celebrity with with such juice as "As a teen, Winfrey was a wild child, promiscuous to the point of prostitution."?)

Does the media protect her because she is "one of them", or because she is actively politically "one of them"? After all, Oprah for the first time stumped for a political candidate back in 2008. So what was the result of her choosing color over gender, and embracing hardcore liberalism?

Getting beaten day in and day out by hardcore conservative Judge Judy, that's what.

And it's no surprise....from Oprah's message boards, the revolt of her fans when she choose Obama over Hillary, and refused to interview Sarah Palin:

You campaigned for Obama, you cried your eyelashes off at his nomination speech and you did the happy dance when he sealed the primary's after defeating hillary clinton. For years you have had women on your show speaking about how the have been affected by sexism, abuse, and other related issues, but you have let your race and your hope for an african american president override your judgement. I'm disappointed in you and in your show.

.......I do not support sarah palins politics but the treatment of her over the last week has spurred an anger in me that I didn't even know existed. Oprah you ought to be ashamed and embarrassed.

And how has she been repaid by the Obamas, who she risked her career to pimp to the nation? The same gratitude any whore shows to a pimp:

A distraught Oprah Winfrey is telling pals her "thank you" for helping Barack Obama win the presidency has been a knife in the back. A jealous first lady has frozen the talk queen out of the White House inner circle, say insiders. "Oprah is devastated," revealed a friend."

....Michelle has made it clear she is no longer interested in being friends with Oprah and is going to block her from access to the President."

And of course, Oprah is soon to leave Chicago for LA. Michelle Obama is the true Queen of the Windy City, bitch, and don't you forget it...

Would Oprah have been on the decline had she stayed out of the 2008 election entirely? Maybe, a case could be made that even the "best" shows get tired. But how interesting it is that her fortunes, as expressed by the ratings, seem to mirror Barack Obama's, as expressed by the polls.

Should have kept out of, Oprah. You finally decided to pick a horse, and boy, was it a loser...

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Anonymous said...

I stopped watching oprah a long time ago because of her being a racist.