Monday, April 26, 2010

Jersey Doctors Pessimistic About Obama's "Reform"

Maybe somebody in the Obama administration should have actually sat down with real-life doctors to discuss health care reform, as opposed to giving political supporters white lab coats and checking off the box marked "Meet w/Docs".

Because the doctors out here in Jersey aren't feeling too well - by a large margin - about the medicine they will soon be forced to administer:

Patients across New Jersey can anticipate a conspicuous downturn in the overall quality of medical care, if the majority of the state's physicians are correct.

In an online poll conducted by Success Communications Group and National Research Inc. between March 31 and April 12, 2010, 87.8 percent of 223 doctors surveyed said they expect the current shortage of physicians in the state to become even more severe as a result of the national legislation signed into law on March 23...

In addition, 78 percent of the doctors surveyed indicated an overall belief that health care in the United States is on the wrong track, with 74.9 percent disapproving of the recent health care reform package.

When asked, only 15.5 percent of the doctors expressed a belief that reform will actually improve patient care, with 54.3 percent saying the reform efforts will actually decrease the quality of patient care.

A paltry 19.7 percent of doctors polled believe the reforms will increase patients' access to quality care. The majority, 58.3 percent, say patients' access to quality care will be limited.

In addition, based on what they currently know about health care reforms, 56.3 percent of respondents projected their practices will need to reduce new medical technology investments, while 50.2 percent speculated they may need to reduce office staff. And, 37.5 percent said it may be necessary to close some of their practice's locations.

....80.5 percent of the physicians are less optimistic about their career, now that the law has been enacted

Longer waits in order to access poorer quality services at higher prices provided by professionals who are less-than-enthusiastic about their jobs...

Yeah, but what do these guys know, anyway? They're just a racist mob of red-necked, gun toting, dumb-as-dirt...doctors.

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