Monday, April 19, 2010

Nick Clegg: The British Barack Obama?

Out of nowhere, Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats has surged into the lead, usurping the far-left Labour and the center-left Tories. Much like candidate Barack Obama, who was assumed to be running in 2008 to test the waters for a more serious run in 2012.

The similarities are legion:

....senior Labour and Conservative figures described Cleggmania either as like a teenage crush, in the case of Peter Mandelson, or as "the biggest load of media-driven nonsense since the funeral of Diana"

Sound familiar? Here's Anorak, tongue firmly planted in cheek:

Nick Clegg will save us. Nick Clegg has a Dutch mum and a half Russian dad....

His mixed nationality will save us! Just like Obama's saved the United States from...from...well, you know from what....

And does this economic program sound like something you heard back in the summer of '08?

The Liberal Democrats plan to create a one-year green job stimulus plan, for which £3.1 billion of cuts in government expenditure would be used to bring 200,000 empty properties back into use, and invest in new green energy infrastructure and public transport.

There would also be a ''90-day guarantee'' for young people, who would be offered a place of training, work or apprenticeship after 90 days of unemployment, so they were not ''left in a state of despair''.

It's worked so well in America...can't you tell by our 9.7% unemployment rate?

And some are trying to sound a warning, just like a few did on this side of the pond...will the cry of Cassandra be drowned out again by the thunder of stampeding feet?

Vote Churchill, Elect Stalin

Mr Clegg is attracting votes from those fed up with the lying, cheating, spinning, bullying, class war obsessed weirdness that is the Gordon Brown Labour party. No wonder a poll today judges him the most popular party leader since Churchill. Yet a vote for Mr Clegg and his friends almost certainly means entrenching for good the lying, cheating, spinning, bullying, class war obsessed weirdness that is the Gordon Brown Labour party.

Perhaps now is the time to hear from St Vince Cable, who will tell you what that means: Vote Churchill, Elect Stalin.

Finally - where have you seen this uplifted chin before, upon which one can easily look down one's nose at the riff-raff and rabble known as ordinary citizens:


You've been warned, our fish & chips eating brothers....


DAVE BONES said...

Ha ha ha I love it very good. More vinegar.

Alan M. said...

"Far-left Labour and Centre-left Tories"?

If you want anyone from Britain (such as myself) to read beyond your first paragraph you need to display a far greater understanding of our political parties first!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I have to respectfully disagree with the commenter above. Labour ARE far-left, or at least harbor far-left elements and former members of the Communist Party/League of Young Communists. The Tories have gradually shifted from a fairly centre-rightist, semi-statist position into full blown "caring mode", and the upper echelons of the Tory Party is home to several EU luvvies in strategic positions. Even the party grassroots are in some cases beginning to warm to the idea of the EU.

The Tories have definitely undergone a shift leftwards.

The JerseyNut said...

While I won't claim to be an "expert" on British politics (and how many self-proclaimed ones predicted the rise of Nick Clegg?), the "me too~ism" of the Tories is hard to miss. They are as much in the pocket of the "global warming" scammers as Labour, for openers. As for a few others:

Immigration: The Labour Party wants a points-based system to continue; the Conservative Party wants a “skill-based” immigration policy. The end-result is identical — more immigration into Britain.

The EU: The Labour Party wants to remain in the EU, as does the Conservative Party. In other words, both parties are working together in destroying Britain’s identity and sovereignty.

So where will people go for true change? The neo-radical BNP, or Clegg's Obama-esque Liberal Democrats? Both are potential disasters for the Brits, while Labour and the Tories only offer differnt paths towards the same end game: Slow and steady national decline.

I feel for you guys. You could use a party like our Republicans, who despite all the pressure from the media and thier "experts", refuse to change their platform into "us too!" and instead seek to convince people that their ideology is the best for the nation, and for themselves.

Watch what happens here in November, if you want to see change America can believe in...

Anonymous said...

labour may have some left wing members, but to call them a far left party is just plane wrong

labour used to be a centre left democratic socialist party although did have a far left element. Those people have for the most part been driven out and these days labour are essentially thatcherite, and while they may still have some remaining left wing elements they are ultimately a centre right party, though not as right wing as the tories