Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scott Baio Comes Out of the Closet....

....and seems to confess that yes, he is a Hollywood conservative! Based on his Twitter feed:

~~The frd request was something like "You want Boxer". My wife told her "YES, I DO WANT TO BOX HER" (& other choice things)

~MOST Conservatives will pay $5.00 for 24 cupcakes & MAKE them. Libs USUALLY pay 4.50 for ONE cupcake from Sprinkles. Who's smarter?

~Asked my father inlaw if he had an alarm. He said "Son, see those dogs & that safe" (the size of a fridge) "I HAVE GUNS & I NEVER MISS"

~Yes, I've been there. Never seen so many churches & American flags. I didn't think those places existed, it was like a movie set. I liked it

~Happy Patriot's Day! I know it especially means a lot to New Englander's "Midnight ride of Paul Revere

The fact that he'll never work again in Hollywood for daring to love his country is a given...

Brave man.

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