Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Taiwan temblor a titillating story on cleavage day"

...hey, that's not my headline, its the New York Post's! But it's pithy, so I'm appropriating it...

The question is, of course, did the "BoobQuake" - Purdue senior Jennifer McCreight's mass experiment to prove that"immodest women" (to quote cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi) do not cause earthquakes - actually in fact cause the ground to shake in Taiwan?
Maybe the world really is hanging on by a bra strap.

The same day that women showed off their cleavage to disprove an Islamic cleric's claim that such displays cause seismic activity, there was, in fact, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Taiwan.

"Maybe I shouldn't wear a low-cut shirt ever again," said Annie Marter, 33, in Manhattan. "I feel really bad."

Are America's teeming hordes of beautiful bountiful-bosomed babes actually a weapon of mass destruction? Nah:

In fact, there were more quakes worldwide with greater than a 5.0 magnitude Saturday and Sunday than yesterday.

And as Miss McCreight herself points out:

We're not just trying to see if any earthquakes occurred, since dozens happen every day. What we want to see if we actually increased earthquakes in either number or severity.

...and she puts together a nice little presentation, with charts and graphs, proving....nothing, really.

But that's OK. This girl gets it:

New York women said they supported the protest against the cleric's statements.
"It's a way of oppressing women and blaming them for the world's problems, when really it's just plate tectonics," said Lisa Goins, 24, an NYU graduate student.

Lisa's right, of course. Bravo to all the women who stood up to the hate and raging misogyny that underlies radical Islam.

Now how about making this an annual event? Or semi-annual? Or bi-monthly....?


thats-right said...

Hey Jersey Nut,

Got you up on the Mob Roll: http://www.thats-right.com/the-mob/

Hope you think we're worthy of yours.

On another note, can I enlist your help in getting the Conservative R in NJ6's name out there? If you don't know her: http://www.annalittleforcongress.com/

Conservative Party endorsed her yesterday: http://www.examiner.com/x-35622-Monmouth-County-Conservative-Examiner~y2010m4d26-Conservative-Party-NJ-endorses-Mayor-Anna-Little-for-Congress-in-NJ6

Thanks a lot man.

Benito said...


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