Friday, April 09, 2010

Bart Stupak To Quit? YES HE CAN!

(updated below)

According to The Campaign Spot, Congressman Bart Stupak, essentially the deciding factor in allowing Obama's socialization of medicine to take place, is expected to announce his retirement today.

Too late to undo the damage he did to this great nation, and the American people. He sold out his principles for an executive order, which is not worth the paper it is written on, and perhaps even less when Barack Obama's signature is on the dotted line.

Did he have second thoughts about his actions when he heard the pro-abortion crowd crow about how the executive order changed nothing? Or was it when Hillary Clinton went abroad, and demanded that other nations include abortion in their "prenatal care packages", just like America now does?

Stupak is likely first now realizing what he's done, and how much of a sucker he was. But leaving the scene of a crime doesn't make you any less culpable. It allows the culprit, though, to escape the public eye, and thus avoid the barbs and scorn that comes their way.

But he still has to live with his own shame at what he's allowed to happen. He won't be able to leave that behind when he exits Congress. From your own conscience, Bart, there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide...

UPDATE: Stupak makes it official. Just before the Tea Party Express was about to roll into town and highlight his sins. How convenient. Still want to mock the Tea Party movement, Baracky? Seems like they have more influence over your party than you do....

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