Tuesday, April 27, 2010

N.J. State Troopers, Protecting Their Own...

...at the expense of your, and your loved ones, lives. Hey, they're cops - don't you get the fact that their lives are worth more than yours, you potential perp?

And speaking of perps...here's a story of one of their own, who they let off the hook again and again:

A state trooper named Sheila McKaig, 41, was stopped 10 times for various traffic offenses over 14 months and never once got a New Jersey traffic citation... The Star-Ledger...reported that in 2008, McKaig, off duty, was stopped three times in a three-month period after drinking, according to a State Police document. “Each time no blood-alcohol test was given, no charges were filed and no ticket was written.”

A drunk (and armed? who knows?) trooper, driving poorly enough to attract attention at least 10 times, gets off the hook, despite the fact she is a clear and present danger to every other driver on the road. What would have happened you, had you been busted once for a DUI offense? Ah, the irony:

During this time, the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office was boasting about a crackdown on drunken driving. In 2008, police arrested 28,705 people for driving under the influence.

But Sheila McKaig, despite being caught red-handed breaking the law ten times during this "crackdown" period, escaped completely unscathed by the "law". Thank God she didn't kill anybody.

But this type of brazen, above the law attitude is typical of the New Jersey state police (despite the above-linked article's protestations). Read here about how State Police union leader Davey Jones released personal information ( "we know where you live") about his critics at a news conference. More on that incident here ("28 years on the job, its called a get out of jail free card"). And of course, there's the law-breaking by the State Police that took place during Jon Corzine's infamous accident, the one where he was ignoring his own crackdown on buckled seat belts...

So this two-tier justice system - slam the civilians, while the cops and politicians go wild - is pretty well established in New Jersey, as it is in any third-world socialist country. It's gonna take a lot more than four years of Chris Christie to break the entitlement mentality of the New Jersey State Police, and make them honest again...

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Anonymous said...

Its a shame the the reputation of all the honest cops will suffer because of the Shelia's, Davey Jones or one of the "NJSP infamous 7" type. Now anytime a member of the public sees a New Jersey State trooper, they will wonder is he one of the seven or if one officer was let go, then for sure others we know nothing of were also.
There will always be doubt. Everyone trooper's reputation is now tarnished whether good or bad. They are not to be trusted. They've proved it. It is not professional courtesy. It is profession corruption to the max. It is time to bring in the FBI and clean house.