Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Death By Political Correctness

In the old days, Western Civilization used to burn witches at the stake. We're way beyond that now, and after all, government that deems itself as "compassionate" cannot be seen as having too much blood on their hands. So today, we threaten the modern-day victims of our "witch hunts" with the 21st- century equivalent of the public stockade, and they tend to do the right thing all by themselves. From the Isle of Britain:

A medical technician killed himself after being suspended from work after someone complained that he made a politically-incorrect joke about a black friend.

Roy Amor, 61, who was devastated at the prospect of losing his job making prosthetics, shot himself in the head outside his house.
He was facing a disciplinary investigation after suggesting to the black colleague that he ‘better hide’ when they noticed immigration officers outside their clinic.

It is understood that the man was a close friend of Mr Amor and was not offended. However, it was overheard by someone else who lodged a formal complaint.

Five days after his suspension, Mr Amor received an email about the incident from his employers, Opcare, a private company that provides prosthetic and orthotic services to the NHS.
A few hours later police found his body in the road outside his home near Bolton, Lancashire, after being alerted by a neighbour.

Sources told The Mail on Sunday that he left three notes, all of which mention Opcare, including one written outside his workplace at 5pm on the day before he died in which he describes his despair.
The black man, who is believed to have attended Mr Amor’s funeral and had known him for many years, is said to be ‘shattered’.

Last night, Mrs Amor, who was not at home at the time of her husband’s death, was too upset to comment. Friends said Mr Amor was a highly regarded and experienced prosthetics technician.

Well, who cares how good he was at his job, helping to make the lives of amputees more enjoyable? Who cares that he made a joke in private to a friend? This is a thoughtcrime, a hate-crime, of the highest order! One is pleased that he put a bullet in his own head; for at the end he was finally thinking of the government first, and saving them the time, money, and embarrassment of "executing" him themselves. See how our system works in the end? That's why no one even feels guilty about it:

Opcare chief executive Michael O’Byrne admitted that Mr Amor had been suspended over the joke.
He added: ‘It’s an enormous tragedy and we are all in mourning. I knew Roy personally and he was an excellent technician.’

Asked if he had any regrets about suspending him, he replied: ‘I don’t want to comment further.’

He doesn't need to. All this, coming to a nation near you....

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