Saturday, April 10, 2010

What Makes A Liberal Tick?'s a good question,asked by blogger Bad Rachel:

What is it about liberals and the longing for what Neal Kozodoy once so brilliantly called “the ratifying kick in the teeth?” Why do they despise their familiars and love The Stranger who hates them—and hates them all the more for their craven pursuit of him?

The defining question of our age. I've always thought that in order to be an viewed as an authentic liberal, one who cares so deeply about all of mankind, the liberal feels he must show endless love towards those who hate him - and wish him dead - in order to prove he can still hold on to "progressive values", even if that sentiment is not returned.

After all, of what use to your progressive bona fides is the respect and love of a friend, of an ally? That is a mutually beneficial relationship; a common one that even a conservative would partake in! How does that help prove your elite nature? No, it is to love without reward or return -even more than that, it is to love when the returns are actually negative - that proves you truly are a person who holds the needs of others over the needs of oneself. How moral, hos socialist, how

Maybe that is why Obama scorns Israel (and England, and France, and Germany, and Canada) and chases after Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hugo Chavez, and their ilk. Praising a Western ally is worthless, while worshipping at the feet of a different culture shows true multi-cultural gravitas. And if they kick you in the face? All the better, as it gives you a chance to go crawling back, and once again prove that you are progressive enough to surrender everything in the hope of recognition from what Rachel calls The Stranger.

It is a win-win within the liberal mind: Kick me, and I show how progressive I am by returning again and again for more; but accept me, and my values are validated (along with my belief in my personal greatness and superiority).

Alas, when this left-wing psych-drama plays out in the real world, the results can be deadly. Obama's groveling before Iran has not stopped their nuclear program, and his bashing of Israel has neither reformed the Palestinians or brought the region any closer to peace. Old allies are estranged, old enemies are empowered, and The Stranger plays the liberal like a pro - taking more and more for them before delivering the kick to the teeth that brings them back to surrender once again.

Can someone please get the Obama administration some psychological help, before their quest for liberal perfection and self-validation kills us all?

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