Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why Israel Matters

The brilliant Melanie Phillips:

The issue of Israel sits at the very apex of the fight to defend civilisation. Those who wish to destroy western civilisation need to destroy the Jews, whose moral precepts formed its foundation stones. The deranged hatred of the Jews lies at the core of the Islamists’ hatred of America, the ‘infidel’ west and modernity, and is the reason why they wish to destroy Israel. Unless people in the west understand that Israel’s fight is their own fight, they will be on the wrong side of the war to defend not just the west but civilisation in general.

Why so much of the West roots for Israel's destruction is a subject for a multivolumned tome, but like a drinker knowingly careening towards rock bottom, we cannot represss our worst impulses, despite an inner nagging that they will be eventually result in our hastuy demise. And so goes Western Civilization, led off a cliff by liberals locked in a tounge-kiss with anti-Semites....

Incidentally, the next time you read about alleged "civilian deaths" in Gaza, remember this:

Two Hamas rockets struck nearly 30 miles inside Israel yesterday - farther than they've ever reached before...One of the Hamas rockets hit a children's playground in Beersheba yesterday. No one was wounded, but 34 people were treated for shock at a hospital.

One side goes to great pains to avoid civilian casualties, the other side deliberately targets innocent children. Look at which side the world is rooting for, and wonder not that 2008 has been an annus horriblus, with no light on the horizon that is 2009...


Anonymous said...

Ijustice creats mad wars.Gaza is 90% refugees.
Where DID THEY COME FROM????????
Tell me How GAZAN REACTION SICE 60 years WAS AND SHOULD BE???????????.

Anonymous said...

your right, justice should be them firing rockets and innocent people, not the isreal people protrecting themselves and getting accused of war crimes, when 16,000 rockets have been fired at them, and famlies murdered. i guess asking for peace and not targeting civilians and murdering families is the the wrong thing to do. palestine can exist, except they refuse to except the jewish state, so until they learn to compromise they will never get what they want