Friday, December 26, 2008

"NJ Government Fails at All Levels"

Oooh, is that the best headline of the day! John Bury at

What are New Jersey governments planning? Pension raids and musicfests. I am coming to the conclusion that government in New Jersey, at all levels, is incapable of coping with this Depression...

John goes on to bash every level of government in this thrid-world hellhole we call New Jersey. But buck up, the people at the very top seem to be very...relaxed:

At that [state] level those people have other priorities. They've won the lottery and the problems of the regular people are simply inconveniences to dance around.

Well, although I disagree we are in a "Depression", the fact is that New Jersey will get hit harder by this economic downswing than most states, simply by dint of our inability to control our spending and liberal litigation impulses during the good times. Unlike biblical imperatives, in New Jersey the Fall will goeth before Pride, as Democratic legislatures will sooner hand in their ACLU memberships then cut spending or trim the bloated state workforce. It's not until the state is gasping its last that voters - in a blind panic - will vote in a few fresh and fearless faces to clean up the mess.

How much damage will be done by that point? One doubts that New Jersey will ever recover....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug but I disagree on two points:
1) We are in a depression - it's just inconvenient to term it that for propaganda purposes. And it will be worse than I imagine GDI was because of the unfunded entitlements to take care of this time around.

2) no fresh and fearless faces will appear to clean up any mess. It'll be recriminations, bankruptcies, broken promises, and confiscatory fiscal policies going forward. If our choices are only D/R the password to getting on their tickets is 'payback'.