Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Journalists as the new Paris Hiltons?

Well, at least Paris was funny in "The Simple Life", and her look-down-her-nose-at-the-plebes demeanor is almost refreshing in a world filled with political correctness. Newsman are not funny (not intentionally funny), nor interesting, nor even very important in today's information-is-everywhere world.

Still, they seem to think they are the bomb:

Newsmen have become the news. And the gossip.

One may run for office. Many are vying for a single plum job. Another is suing his old network for millions. It is a long way from the austere days of Eric Sevareid, when staid anchormen left stardom to Hollywood.
"Anchors and journalists have become part of self-reverential celebrity culture. Everything goes back to 'me.' ...said Robert Lichter, director of the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University...

Some 600 news stories have appeared, for example, on the rumor that MSNBC's Chris Matthews is mulling a run for Senate in 2010, to oppose Sen. Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican.
Phil Singer, a communications director for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign, questioned the ethics.

"When one of the network's most visible anchors is reported to be exploring a run for elected office, the network has an obligation to remove that person from its airwaves," he wrote in a blog.

Chris Matthews, running for Senate a la the soon-to-be failed run of unfunnyman Al Franken? A thrill should be running up the leg of Arlen Specter, and the Republicans. Don't expect MSNBC to pull him, though - that would take ethics, and they have none.

But what makes Matthews (or Franken) think they are qualified? Because they are rich, have a tiny but loud audience, and believe in the mirage they create around themselves? If Franken could not win in a Democratic state in a Democratic year, why does any other pundit think they can pull it off in '10?

If Matthews is qualified to be Senator, than Rush Limbaugh is overqualified to be President, incidentally.

A few more losses - both financially, career-wise, and politically (if they so choose), please. Anything to get a serving of humble pie down their gut...

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