Monday, December 29, 2008

UN Renews Its Position On Worthlessness of Jewish Lives

Not suprising, but still worth noting:

At the United Nations, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon again condemned Israel's excessive use of force and called for an immediate cease-fire.

"The frightening nature of what is happening on the ground, in particular its effects on children — who are more than half of the population — troubles me greatly. I have continuously stressed the need for strict observance of international humanitarian law," he said.

So, Mr. Ki-moon..where the f*ck have you been over the last year as Jewish children in southern Israel have been forced to huddle daily - daily - in bomb shelters as Palestinian rockets rained down indiscriminately upon their towns, in direct violation of a cease-fire? And where were you a week ago when Hamas denounced the "truce" with Israel and exponentially increased their rocket fire?

That's right, asswipe. You were silent, nowhere to be seen or heard. Apparently, Jewish lives are of little interest to you. That's OK, same as your predecessor, no biggie. And despite your disdain for the lives of Jewish kids, the Israelis will continue to fight to protect them from the murderous intentions of Hamas - who, incidentally, target schools and day-care centers, unlike Israel, who does whatever she can to avoid them.

One hopes that the Israeli leadership will not fall for this line of guilt again, and do the right thing by their children, and finish off the scourge that is Hamas once and for all.

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