Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wanna See Terrorists Die?

Islamists the world over have been having a field day by waging denial-of-service assaults on websites that dare to air the videos that the IDF is putting out, showing the percision bombing camapign that they have been waging against Hamas. The anti-Semite crowd on YouTube (which is larger than I ever imagined) is also "flagging" every video the IDF puts up on its on its "channel" in order to label it as "offensive", and thus have it removed.

When you have to supress the truth, guys, you know your case is really, really weak...Bad form....

So I am going to post two videos below showing terrorist infrastructure getting obliterated by IDF ordanance. If there are any civilians there, well...blame Hamas for sticking them there. If it offends you, you first have to explain why you support the Islamic terrorists of Gaza (crucifixion now legal!) over the peaceful democracy that is Israel. Then maybe we'll talk...

In the meantime, enjoy the show.

Israeli Navy Strikes Hamas-linked Terror Targets in Gaza

Israeli Air Force Destroys Tunnels, Launch Sites, and Weapons Stores

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