Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Kennedy Women: The Real Men in the Clan !

Well, at least according to this story, where Teddy and John Jr. welshed on a bet made with Caroline and Kara Anne Kennedy:

Caroline Kennedy, who is interested in becoming New York's next senator, doesn't just have politics running through her veins - she also has ink adorning her arm.
The 51-year-old Upper East Sider sports a small butterfly tattoo on her inner right arm...

Kennedy got the tattoo while vacationing with her family in Asia during the late 1980s.

During a night out in Hong Kong, Caroline, her brother, John F. Kennedy Jr., and her cousins Edward "Teddy" Kennedy Jr., 47, and Kara Anne Kennedy, 48, challenged one another with a mischievous dare, a source said, noting that the group had consumed a few drinks.

The boys challenged the girls to get a late-night "tat" at a nearby parlor.
Caroline and Kara went first and emerged "bruised and bloodied," emblazoned with butterflies on their arms.

But when it came time for Teddy and John Jr. to reciprocate, the men "chickened out," refusing to go through with the dare, the source said.

I'll leave John Jr. alone. But Teddy....sweet jeebus, can't you even man up to a dare made with a couple of chicks?

Well, the girls should have known better, dealing with a guy who "chickened out" rather than save his drowning date.....

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