Friday, December 12, 2008

Good Question

Pseudo-con David Brooks, writing in today's New York Times:

Why is it that the pork-meisters in Congress are already distorting the best-laid stimulus plans? Why are there so few saying “no” to any budget request? Why do so many of the plans being offered rely upon a Magic Technocrat — an all-knowing Car Czar who can reorganize Detroit, an all-seeing team of Olympians who decide which medicines doctors will be allowed to prescribe?

Jen Rubin answers:

Well, it is because the voters, egged on by dreamy-eyed elites, voted for the “brilliant” candidate, the transformational candidate — who has now resorted to every bad, old idea he could find.

Didn't I just say that intellectual-worship will surely mean the death of us all?

More from Brooks:

Once America was a decentralized country, but now all roads lead to Washington. Mighty C.E.O.’s abase themselves before junior House members. Governors and mayors come groveling. The status of the lowliest bureaucrat has risen delightfully, and there is a feeling of overflowing abundance amid the national scarcity as Washington spends the trillions it doesn’t have.

Certainly something big needs to be done to calm this crisis, but perhaps in the doing, some unholiness is being unwittingly and rashly created....

Watch that last sentence. It is prophetic.

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