Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How Deep In The Tank?

The Washington Post has been the worst of all; and they just can't stop the music, even with their man about to enter the White House....

Check it out - they're creating a special classified section specifically for inaguration day:

WashingtonPost Media is at the epicenter of the inauguration, and the Classifieds team is giving readers the chance to send a personal message of congratulations to President-Elect Obama that can be read by millions. The announcements can be placed though the call center or online, with prices starting at $10 for the combo.

Just like they did for George W. Bush, right?

Anyway, nothing wrong with this little scam - everyone's trying to make a few bucks off the inauguration, why shouldn't the paper that helped put him there? But there is a pretty interesting disclaimer to the WaPo's "classified kudos" scheme that Media Bistro caught:

"All ads must be congratulatory in nature"

Just like they were for George W. Bush, right?

Isn't this somewhat discriminatory? If a man can successfully sue eHarmony for not allowing gay matchmaking, can't someone argue that the Washington Post is equally discriminatory against people of different...preferences, who also have a right to express their opinion publically?

Won't happen, conservatives don't roll that way - the whiney, bitchy, look-at-me-I-am-an-oppressed-victim way. Still, I'd love to see the Washington Post get its comeuppence for its insanely unprofessional behavior this election season.

Well, I'll just have to wait for their inevitable Chapter 11 filing, I guess...

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Unknown said...

Wow, unbelievable! Actually, I shouldn't be surprised, coming from the Washington (Com)Post. What really surprises me is the fact that they clearly stated up front that all ads must praise the Obamessiah.

Hmm, maybe the Washington Times could offer a similar section in their paper, where the people who did not vote for The One could voice their opposition, and maybe their prayers for America!