Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Jersey and Gay Marriage: A Match Made in Hell

It's the craziest thing, isn't it? It's all people are talking about in New Jersey - in the malls, in the gas stations, at the Turnpike rest areas. And it's all over the TV, the local radio stations, and the papers.

I'm talking about the overwhelming hue and cry among New Jersyans of all stripes for the state to finally stop being the hateful, regressive, homophobic place that is so obviously is, and to at last allow gay couples the right to marry, just as if they were the standard heterosexual mix that has been typical for the last 10,000 years.

What? You've never heard anyone talk about it? You've never seen a newspaper story on it? They're not screaming about it on the radio? You've never seen an angry protest in front of a sleepy Jersey church?

Funny, neither have I. And yet, the state is moving quickly to subvert the morality of a vast majority of its citizens. They've already created a panel - who already came to a conclusion:

A commission has concluded that New Jersey legislators should allow gay couples to marry, setting up what could be a spirited debate over whether the state should be the first to allow gay marriage by passing a law, rather than by court mandate.

In its final report, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, the state’s Civil Union Review Commission concluded that the state’s two-year-old civil union law doesn’t do enough to give gay couples the same protections as heterosexual married couples.

“This commission finds that the separate categorization established by the Civil Union Act invites and encourages unequal treatment of same-sex couples and their children,” the report says. The findings of the commission’s 13 members were unanimous.

Of course, as Garden State Patriot points out in the above link, the "Commission" is pretty top-heavy with hardcore liberal advocates - hence our unanimous findings. I am sure the population of New Jersey, whom these people were allegedly chosen to represent (including the token Republican, one AnnLynne Benson, who has been working the "I'm a Republican for gay marriage" angle for years) are unanimous as well...right?

And of course, Jon Corzine has jumped right in front to try to push yet another liberal social experiment down the throat of New Jersey - after all, every other one has worked so well so far:

Gov. Jon Corzine said today New Jersey’s civil unions law “hasn’t done enough to narrow the gap” and same-sex marriage should be established in New Jersey “sooner rather than later.”

He urged the Legislature to “seriously review” a report released today by the New Jersey Civil Union Review Commission that said civil unions have failed to grant full rights to same-sex couples and urged the state to quickly enact same-sex marriage.

The report likened denying same-sex couples the right to marry to racial segregation laws imposed against African-Americans.

Not too much hyperbole there, right? Still, the statement gets Corzine's full support. What about giving his support to the New Jersey's Constitution and Supreme Court, as his duties dictate? After all, the Court has already spoken:

The Court holds that under the equal protection guarantee of Article I, Paragraph 1 of the New Jersey Constitution, committed same-sex couples must be afforded on equal terms the same rights and benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples under the civil marriage statutes.
The name to be given to the statutory scheme that provides full rights and benefits to same-sex couples, whether marriage or some other term, is a matter left to the democratic process.

The "democratic process"? The rule of law? Ha! It's as relevant in New Jersey as it is in Rod Blagojevich's Illinois. But at least Hot Rod was in it for himself. Corzine and his small band of hardcore lefties are allegedly doing it for our sake - changing our morality illegally, by fiat, to save us from our own innate evil.

Me? I like my innate evil. I'll fight their attempt to redefine my morality, no matter what names Jon and his minions of loyal perverts call me...


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An anonymous blog. Very courageous.

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An anonymous commentor (with no email or link).
Very courageous.

And I would publish a lot more personal information were I not concerned about retribution from the hard-left, known for its intimidation and gestapo-like tactics. See "The Plumber, Joe..."

Why are you so interested in my personal info? Most likely for the reasons given above.


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