Monday, December 01, 2008

CNN: Defining "Useful Idiot" Down in Mumbai....

....because the Mumbai mayhem is all about them, you see.

Gateway Pundit again tells the story:

A South Wales couple caught in the Mumbai terror attacks claimed last night that CNN put their lives at risk by broadcasting where they were.

Lynne and Kenneth Shaw, of Penarth, warned that terrorists were listening in to the media to pinpoint Western victims.

Mrs Shaw claimed the American cable TV channel had broadcast details of where they were at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

.....From her home in Penarth yesterday, Mrs Shaw said: “We have been asked by the British terror police not to talk to the press.“
But the reason I would not want to talk to anyone is because our safety was actually compromised by CNN, which broadcast where we were.
“The terrorists were watching CNN and they came down from where they were in a lift after hearing about us on television. For that reason I would appeal to the media to be very careful about what they broadcast."

Can't you just hear these self-absorbed, self-important CNN blowhards? I can only imagine:

"This is Susan Schmuckler, reporting live from the 8th floot of the Taj Hotel, where Western citizens have banded together and are hiding out from maurading Islamic militants. We're going to be talking shortly to a Jewish couple from room 815 to see if they have any specific fears at the moment and to see if they believe their religion will make them more of a target. Mr. and Mrs. Goldstein, could you step towards the CNN cameras please? No need to hide under the bed, now..."

Suprised CNN didn't offer exclusives to the Mumbai terrorists; after all, isn't it important that we hear their side of the story as well? We need to know what their grievences are, so we don't get them angry again...

Incidentally, Ralph Peters has a great essay on the attack and its motivations - as well as the media reaction:

Western media analysis remains self-absorbed, naive and breathless. Once again, commentators insist the story is really about us. It's not...

We'll leave the final word to Peters, and he brings up a topic that is taboo among the media as well as our well-bred elite:

Indeed, jealousy is the great unacknowledged strategic factor of our time.

Apart from being the world's largest (if raucous) democracy, India shares a trait with the United States that infuriates Islamists shamed by the abysmal failures of their own societies: India is a success story. And Allah had nothing to do with it.

What does it all mean for us? We Americans still re fuse to learn the lessons of 9/11: Evil is real, hatred's delicious and those who can't bear their self-wrought disasters are desperate for someone else to blame - and we and the Indians are it...

More on useful idots here....

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