Monday, June 04, 2012

Wisconsin Recall: Turning Against The Democrats in...Milwaukee?

File this under "tea-leave reading", but Milwaukee is a Democratic stronghold, and Tom Barrett's home turf, having made his bones in the party serving as mayor there. And if the anecdotal evidence is correct, he's not getting much love from the locals. Which surely bodes ill for his chances in tomorrow's runoff.  Via Campaign Spot:

I drove from Chicago to Milwaukee on Sunday to watch my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates defeat the Milwaukee Brewers. During the third inning, the jumbotron began showing random crowd shots (which had the attention of the crowd and generated friendly cheers) – the cute baby in the Brewers jumper, the shirtless guys with beers, the pretty girls dancing to the music. Then, the camera panned to a guy holding up a “Vote Barrett” sign. The crowd erupted…in boos! These were significant, sustained boos. I asked the couple seated next to me – a young couple that didn’t appear to be regular CPAC attendees or anything - about the situation and they said, “Barrett’s got no chance. People are sick of this thing.

In related news, numerous sightings of members of the mainstream media crawling around on their knees, looking for shiny objects, have been reported to authorities. When questioned, they responded almost incoherently, mumbling about desperately needing a major news story for the front pages on Wednesday.  "Must...distract....the proletariat", one is reported to have muttered, jerking his neck around in a wild-eyed panic...

(more tea leaves here, more media panic here)

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