Friday, June 01, 2012

8.2%? Whatcha Gonna Run On Now, Baracky?

...the notion that somehow, under Mitt Romney, things would get worse? That it is still George W. Bush's fault? That we didn't spend enough money the first time around, and we need to create even greater debt to reduce unemployment?

And - changing the subject ever-so-slightly - is the economic branch of the media jostling for space with their mainstream contemporaries for a prime spot up Barack Obama's asshole? Just look at this reporting, earlier this morning:

Job growth seen stepping up in May

Jobs growth probably snapped back in May from weather-related distortions that had slowed hiring, suggesting the economy was still expanding moderately despite strong headwinds from Europe.

Employers probably created 150,000 jobs last month, according to a Reuters survey of economists, after generating a paltry 115,000 positions in April - the fewest in six months.

That would bring nonfarm employment growth closer to its 176,000 a month average of the past three months and temper fears that economic activity could be stagnating...

Turns out that a mere 69,000 jobs were crated in May. The screenshot is classic, with a new banner over the old headline (click to enlarge):

So...back to the question posed at the top of this post.  With America (and the Courts) turning  against ObamaCare, with his economic policies proven a dismal failure, with even his supporters admitting his rival's competence (Bill Clinton: "Romney had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold”)and with multiple signs that the worst is still to come, what does a beleaguered president have left to run on?

Unless, of course, he has been planning for this eventuality all along:

Expect to see the big cities burning by autumn. And a certain brazen narcissist claiming only he can heal the nation he so skillfully tore apar

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