Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In A Rational World, Adam Carolla Would Already Have His Own Political Talk Show...

...and he'd be kicking the shit out of Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Steven Colbert, CNN, and MNSBC.

Carolla explains why it's unlikely to ever happen:

“I think it’s possible for that [conservative] comedian to be popular because I think the country probably is more in line with the way he thinks than the way that Bill Maher thinks, but I don’t think the executives are going to give that guy a shot at that show,” Carolla said

 “You know, it’s a small little clan of sort of, you know, progressive hipsters who never stop stroking each other.”

Love that last line.  Can be applied to almost anything Hollywood produced these days.  Or almost anything that comes out of a celebrity's mouth.  Change "hipsters" to "pseudo-intellectuals", and you have the explanation for the existence of the media's "liberal bubble" - a place where only a limited range of thought is deemed praiseworthy, creating an illusion of  a general conformity of opinion.  Of course, in reality, a maelstrom rages outside the boundary...

Carolla's right, for the most part, about why Hollywood won't ever give him a shot, regardless of how much money he's make for them.  But there is another network, known to have a more conservative bent, who in the past hasn't been afraid of pushing the envelope and trying  out ideas once mocked as unworkable.

Anyone seen Rupert Murdoch lately?

If you have, show him this:

“I think they [Americans] tend to think more like Bill O’Reilly than they do Keith Olbermann, and thus there is this disparity in ratings. … Glenn Beck made $80 million last year — and Keith Olbermann’s looking for a job. Like — okay, so I’d say America’s spoken...

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