Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are Obama's Attacks On Congress Helping...Congress??

And where do I apply to get a spot on Obama's enemies list?

Via Slate:

A new poll out this week suggests that Congress' approval rating continues to inch up from its all-time low four months ago, when a paltry 1 in 10 Americans thought lawmakers were doing a good job. 

 The new Gallup poll pegs Congress' latest job approval at 17 percent, a slight uptick from May's 15 percent rating, and seven points higher than February's low. 

 While lawmakers have seen their approval rating climb by 70 percent in a matter of months, let's remember when you're at virtual rock bottom there isn't much room to continue to fall....

The more Obama attacks Romney, the more Mitt rises in the polls.

The president tweets his support for the Wisconsin unions, their side gets decimated on re-election day.

Go after Arizona's immigration laws, watch the public race to its side.

Try to run, Truman-style, against a "do nothing" Congress?  Obama gets smacked down like Dewey, while Congress gains ground in the public eye...

Guess Americans are starting to think along the lines of the old Arab adage: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Which does not bode well for a president who must demonize others in order to find success for himself...

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