Sunday, June 10, 2012

Amanda Bynes Asks Obama For A Bailout

Well, there is no doubt Amanda Bynes contributed to Barack Obama.  Why shouldn't she get a return on her investment?

Amanda Bynes' DUI charge is now official, and the actress is turning to a higher power for help: President Barack Obama.

Amanda Bynes's mug shot. Puffy from alcohol, perhaps, or just the good life?

I took a screen shot of her last two tweets, the second one makes the first seem all the more ironic:

Well, she is a memeber of a powerful special interest group that Barack Obama is trying desperately to court: Young Hollywood go -getters:

Barack Obama privately met on Thursday morning at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with 25 young Hollywood stars to get them involved in his reelection.

Among those at the exclusive meeting were Ian Somerhalder, Jessica Alba, Zach Braff, Dianna Agron, Zachary Quinto, Sophia Bush, Jared Leto, Jeremy Renner, Tatyana Ali, Josh Radnor, Brandon Routh, Ben McKenzie, Bryan Greenberg, and Kal Penn, who tweeted afterwards, “Had a great morning w/ @BarackObama in LA. Talked about job creation, education, our troops, & getting YOU involved.”

Many of the stars took to Twitter following the get-together to share their thoughts.

Somerhalder wrote, “Totally surreal morning. Met up with some friends, had coffee with President Obama now tweeting.The 21st century.”

Leto tweeted, “Great meeting with @BarackObama this morning. Thanks Mr. President for the inspiring words and thoughts .#ObamaTheRightChoice.”

Obama with Bush...

“Got up bright & early to hear @BarackObama speak w an awesome group #YoungAmerChat,” said Alba.

Routh noted he was “Honored to speak w/ POTUS @BarackObama again today! Looking forward to helping #GetTheVoteOut.

Seems to me Obama has to help out Amanda now. Why, any of these young stars could be in trouble tomorrow, and if they know the president isn't really behind them, how can they go out and campaign for him in confidence? And without Kumar (or is it Harold? No, Kumar) giving America's youth guidance on how to vote in November, why, they might go into the voting booth and - in a moment of confusion - pull the wrong lever!

No, they need celebrities and twitter hashtags to get it right, and Obama can't afford to get it wrong.  He has to free Amanda Bynes.  And after all, it is a natural progression from Election Night 2008:

Used to be Obama supporters wanted him to pay their mortgage and buy them gas. To give them money from his Obama stash...

Why should poor Amanda suffer a worse fate than Solyndra?  It's all about scratching each other backs, and Amanda knows it.  So does the president.  Which is why I expect Miss Bynes to get off the hook quickly and quietly, and go back to strutting her stuff and pimping for The One, along with the rest of her "Young 1%'ers".

Whereas I will simply take any Rule 5 love I can get from RS McCain & Company...

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