Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alice Walker: Jew-Hatin' Anti-Semite !

Maybe it is just a membership requirement for Pulitzer prize winners. Walker did win one for The Color Purple, a tale of racism and misogyny set in (where else but) the Deep South.

Or maybe some victims of racism can't overcome the shame they feel inside, and alleviate it by acting hatefully towards another racial group, but only in a way that is somehow still socially acceptable. Or to a people that is it still socially acceptable to hate.

Like Jews.

Jonathan Tobin with a nauseating tale:

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports that in a letter posted on a site supporting the boycott of Israel, Walker said she was refusing to allow the translation in order to boost support for the movement to boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) the Jewish state because of its alleged mistreatment of Palestinians. But in saying she doesn’t even wish her work to appear in Hebrew, Walker is making a broader statement than a mere critique of Israeli policies. This sort of a boycott is an attempt to treat Jews and Hebrew, which is the national language of the Jewish people, as beyond the pale.

Walker is seated, in the center.  In Gaza with Code Pink wackos...

... In Walker’s world, Israelis are not just the bad guys in a fictional morality play in which the Palestinians are victims, but the very language they speak — the language of the Bible and the foundation of Western religion, values and morality — is to be treated as unworthy of being spoken or read.

...to discriminate against the language of the Jewish people in this manner is pure anti-Semitism.

It is possible to criticize Israel without being an anti-Semite. But Walker has crossed the line from an already indefensible economic war against the Jewish state to a cultural war against Jewish identity.

But her vicious Jew hatred is nothing new. Here she alludes positively, as I see it, to the extermination of Israel:

"There are differing opinions about this, of course, but my belief is that when a country primarily instills fear in the minds and hearts of the people of the world, it is no longer useful in joining the dialogue we need for saving the planet."

An even worse assertion:

"This is one reason I understand the courage it takes for some Jews to speak out against Israeli brutality and against what they know are crimes against humanity. Most Jews who know their own history see how relentlessly the Israeli government is attempting to turn Palestinians into the “new Jews,” patterned on Jews of the holocaust era, as if someone must hold that place, in order for Jews to avoid it."

Is she implying that Jews are breeding Palestinians in order to have them be slaughtered in their stead, when the next Holocaust comes calling? Can she really be that deluded, or that sick?

Or is she just repeating the bile and hatred of the Palestinian people (perhaps the only things produced in Gaza) verbatim?

Hamas lawmaker Huda Naim (above, with Walker) stated Saturday that the Israeli occupation government is still persistent in stealing the Palestinian people’s history, Judaizing their holy sites and displacing them in an attempt to create a fake history for itself on the land of Palestine...

If you are as wise as you believe, Ms. Walker, you will back off this ugly path you have chosen to tread.  For it will tarnish all you have done, and all you will ever do...

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