Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mothers, Don"t Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Liberals...

...unless, of course, you feel this kind of talk is what you want your little girl exposed to, and this type of behavior is what you want her to emulate.  Via Gateway Pundit, we get a glimpse of what posters are on sale at "Netroots", the angry Left's annual Woodstock:

How about that slogan on the lower right?

“I’m a slut. I vote. And so does everyone I sleep with. And you’re about to be more f*cked than I am.”

Keep your daughters away from these people....and educate them well...

When they see a liberal [easily identifiable as someone possessing almost any of these traits: Wearing an Obama t-shirt, carrying bongos, driving a Prius (or any car with an Obama bumper sticker), toting a "green" grocery bag, wearing a flowery dress or a "Che" t-shirt, sporting thick, non-prescription glasses, having no muscle tone but multiple facial piercings, all while acting condescending & intolerant yet blithely ignorant all at once] teach them to scream:

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