Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama's DREAM Decree Gets An Assist From The Media...

I wrote this immediately after the first Republican presidential primary debate, held in the very beginning of January:

Plenty of well-deserved outrage over the past few days over the debate performances of George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer. Gay rights, abortion, contraception - why in the world would two alleged "reporters" waste the nation's time with such crap?

Oddly enough, within a few weeks, contraception became a big issue in the campaign, as the Democrats rolled out Sandra Fluke and declared her need to get laid daily was more important that the First Amendment right of Catholics to follow the dictate of their faith.  And about six-odd weeks later, gay "rights" became the story of the day, as the president decided he had "evolved" on the issue - fortunately, right before a set of fundraisers being hosted by homosexuals.

Coincidence?  Or a pattern? A year earlier, we noted:

From a White House pool report, on the day of his State of the Union President Obama was seen heading for a lunch with TV anchors and pundits, including Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams, and George Stephanopoulos.

Still not sure if there is any co-ordination between the media and the president, and he doesn't send them out to either float trial balloons or soften up the American people before he drops another unconstitutional bomb on them?

Check out this week's issue of Time Magazine, out for about 48 hours:

Funny timing, that.  If you were unconvinced, or uniformed, you might have picked this up yesterday, and be cheering the president as we speak.  Or, if you are staggering around blindly today, and saw this at a newsstand, you might think that Barack got one right after all.

No doubt about 8 - maybe 12 - Americans actually fell into this trap.  But as time went on, sure seems like there is more support swelling behind the Catholic Church than Sandra Fluke, doesn't it?  And Obama's "evolution" seems to have cost him the entire state of North Carolina, and more than a few wavering independents nationwide.

I predict this pathetic propaganda ploy won't help matters for the president.  Much like his gay marriage move seems to have turned off two people for every one it attracted, his decision to usurp the Constitution and essentially grant amnesty to approximately 800,000 illegal aliens will hurt him more than it helps him.  George Stephanopoulos and Time Magazine notwithstanding.

Expect Obama's DREAM of re-election to be denied...

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