Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jon McNaughton's Artwork: Unpatriotic Dissent?

"Since when has it been part of American patriotism to keep our mouths shut?" - Hillary Clinton 2006
"Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism" - Hillary Clinton 2006
 "Blind faith in bad leadership is not patriotism" - Hillary Clinton 2006

"Except when the leadership is a Democrat - then dissent is racist, if not outright treasonous" - the mainstream media/the Democratic party

Thanks for the clarification.  At least we know where to classify Jon McNaughton. Buzzfeed:

Popular conservative artist Jon McNaughton has released a new painting, the latest in his controversial series of anti-Obama artwork.

The Empowered Man—which shows President Obama watching in horror as a thirty something white male, standing in front of the White House holds up the U.S. constitution in one hand and a wad of cash in the other—was released this week.

Both paintings feature the same “everyman” character, who in McNaughton’s telling, has chosen to break off the chains of an oppressive federal government.

The Provo, Utah based painter has struck artistic gold with his series, tapping into a widespread libertarian distrust of Washington, as well as a deep-seated hatred of President Obama, which critics says is animated by racial bias.

No evidence for that statement, though.  Apparently none is necessary.  All right-thinking people know it to be true...

Bias highlights are mine.  Scare quotes around the word "everyman" are courtesy of Buzzfeed.  Hypocrisy courtesy of the Hillary Clinton, the media, and liberals nationwide....

Want to piss them all off?  Purchase some of McNaughton's artwork here.

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Jkw said...

It's always the same w/ the Liberals,
Respect everyone views & belief's as long as their Liberal ones.