Sunday, June 03, 2012

I Can't Imagine This Will Help Democratic Turnout In Wisconsin Come Tuesday...

The key to this election, however, is not really whether Governor Walker wins. More or less everyone expects him to do that. The key is how much he wins by.

 If Gov. Walker under-performs, then it will be a huge win for the Liberal-Labor coalition. The Obama campaign will feel the warm rush of political valium, soothing their November jitters. Everyone expects Gov. Walker to win this election, despite the razor-thin margins of every special election that has been held across Wisconsin since the 2010 general election. The polls say he will win by 6 percentage points, at least.

So in other words...the entire purpose of the "recall" of Scott Walker was to use Wisconsin as a weather vane for Obama's 2012 political fortunes? Not sure how much that will motivate Wisconsinites on "re-election day"...

Weak pre-game spin,'re embarrassing yourselves.   Again.

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