Friday, June 15, 2012

25% Of May's New Jobs Created In New Jersey; Media Seethes...

Wanna know why Chris Christie's approval ratings are in the stratosphere? Check it:

New Jersey added 17,600 jobs in May, a bump in employment championed by Republican Gov. Chris Christie Thursday as he seeks to show the state’s economy is on the rebound.

The job growth accounted for 25% of all the jobs created in the nation last month, Christie said during a press conference announcing the job figures derived from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The governor took a shot at the state's Democrats, who continue to work tirelessly to thwart his effort to reform the state's finances:

“Folks down the hall are dithering right now. It’s simply wrong,” said Christie, referring to Democrats meeting in the Statehouse Thursday. “They don’t want to cut taxes because they only know how to raise taxes.”

True, that.  But think of how much Chris Christie is actually helping Barack Obama -without his tax-cutting, pro-business model of governance,  the May jobs number would have gone from bad to horrific.  Come to think of it, Obama owes a debt of gratitude to Rick Perry as well.  And the frackers of Pennsylvania, for that matter.  And Montana's oil wildcatters...

Actually, without the help of all the people whom Obama professes to hate (on a daily basis, it seems), we'd be mired deeply in Recession II already, and Obama's dismissal in November would be a foregone conclusion.

If he were a smarter man, he would have learned something by now.

But fear not, distressed liberals!  New Jersey's left-wing media is still there for you.  The Newark Star- Ledger gives Christie's success a small paragraph or two - in between a barrage of bile:

Discounting the barrage of negative news about New Jersey’s fiscal picture — including an increase in the unemployment rate — Gov. Chris Christie today touted numbers that show the state created 17,600 new jobs in May.

During the 12-minute announcement, he did not address a deal Democrats are expected to hammer out today that could make a tax cut contingent on revenue growth or another economic trigger. [False - see above]

He framed the state's 0.1 percent uptick in unemployment to 9.2 percent as a good thing...

He made no mention of a report released this week by the National Association of State Budget Officers that shows in the current year New Jersey is one of 13 states with lower-than-expected revenue collections. In addition the report shows Christie is projecting higher spending increases than any other governor in the country for next fiscal year. [since when is this a problem for the Star-Ledger?]

Also absent from the announcement was the gulf between the Republican governor’s projections and those of the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services. The Christie administration expects a $705 million revenue shortfall, while the OLS expects collections to come up $1.4 billion short. [The Ledger ignores, from their own reporting, Why would anybody with a functioning brain believe this guy,” Christie said of David Rosen, the budget officer for the Office of Legislative Services. “How often do you have to be wrong to finally be dismissed?”]  

Instead, the Republican governor painted Democrats in the Legislature and former Gov. Jon Corzine with the same brush. 

Yet Christie called Democrats “pessimistic"...

Note the shock in that last sentence. How dare he see the glass as half-full!  How dare he think that adding 25% of the nation's new job is somehow a positive thing, unless it is coupled with tax hikes?  We'll get him for that by reporting every negative rumor the Democrats have issued about New Jersey's finances as truth!

You want truth? 17,600 new jobs, 25% of the nation's total in May.  That's the truth.  All the Star-Ledger has are speculations from those who have a professional and ideological ax to grind with the governor's success.

You bitches ought to know when to shut the f*ck up.  Christie is saving Obama's sorry ass, whether he wants to or not.  Keep complaining, and you'll queer the deal...

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