Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Day That Liberalism Died

So, bye-bye, douchy liberal guys,
Drove their GM to the ATM
 But the cash ran dry
And them good old Lefties were smokin' weed and getting high,
Singin' this'll be the day that we die
Scott Walker won't lets us steal the people's pie...
-with apologies to Don McClean

So, how does democracy work, bitches?

Total votes for Walker in 2010: 1,128,941
Total votes for Walker in 2012: 1,331,076

That thud you hear is liberalism dropping dead onto the floor.  Not smart enough to sit quietly and wait for the economy to recover while most Americans struggled, they demanded no interruption in the lavish benefits and annual raises they were accustomed to.  Even if it meant raising taxes on folks barely scraping by.  They were entitled to it, after all.

Uh huh.  Seems like even the friendly folks in blue states disagree.  And if I may take a little credit locally - Wisconsin is not the trail-blazer here, New Jersey was, electing Chris Christie, who promised to tame the public sector unions, and tossing out union crony Crooked Jon Crozine.

Anyone see his approval ratings lately in Blue Jersey?  Somewhere, the rotted corpse of liberalism shudders...

So, as the dust clears, let's see who's the most clueless about what happened in Wisconsin last night.  Maybe this dumb bastard, who claims that somehow democracy has died because his side lost an election:

Perhaps this clueless schmuck, who apparently hasn't picked up a newspaper in at least a month:


Or the Obama campaign: one can dispute the strong message sent to Governor Walker. Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites from all walks of life took a stand against the politics of division and against the flood of secret and corporate money spent on behalf of Scott Walker... 
 ...Obama campaign senior strategist David Axelrod tweeted: "Bad night in Boston...WI raises big questions for Mitt."

Sure does. With a reformist Republican winning so handily in a blue state,. he's got to be shaking his head and wondering, "what sort of resources do I need to apply there to make the state mine in the 2012 general election?"

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