Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In Dirty Jersey, Some Things Never Change...

Chris Christie may be doing a bang-up job as governor (new, even better polls here), and doing the best he can on a state level to reduce waste and trim budgetary fat, but the biggest problem in New Jersey remains the local municipalities and townships.  They're the ones levying the highest property taxes in the nation, not the governor, and they're the ones constantly finding different ways to squeeze their residents out of additional dollars via fees, fines, and usage charges in order to pad their own pockets, and pay off their political cronies.

Why Jersey is still unlivable, or why we hate government No. 739

There is a Dinosaurs attraction at Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus. It is located in the Meadowlands District which means no commercial parking fees allowed in recreational areas. But environmental impact fees aren’t. So The Jersey Journal reports the Secaucus council passed a resolution requiring a $10 environmental impact fee to encourage visitors to use public transportation. The town keeps the parking …. er impact fee, naturally. The park has a 90-foot long Argentinosaurus. No word on what creative way they’ve come up with to force him to fork over money to the town.

Welcome To Jersey. Now hand it over...

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