Monday, December 12, 2011

Zuccotti Park / # OWS Leader Quits NY Teaching Job After Attempted Fraud

Now if he was a Tea Party leader, this would be buzzing on the internet.  But because he is a key organizer of the media's beloved "Occupy" movement, it isn't really being reported anywhere.  Thank God for the New York Post - along with the Wall Street Journal, the last two "papers of record" in America.

A leader of Occupy Wall Street abruptly quit his job as a city public school teacher after getting caught red-handed falsifying time sheets, The Post has learned.

Former South Brooklyn Community HS science teacher Justin Wedes, who often rails against corporate greed and corruption, “cut and pasted’’ the signature of a supervisor onto his time sheets while applying for a national education grant, Special Schools Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon found.

Wedes, 25, who helps run the OWS Twitter feeds and overall media operation, was a key strategist in the Zuccotti Park demonstrations and was arrested during one protest march.

The paperwork was tied to a $4,725 AmeriCorps grant that Wedes, a second-year New York City teaching fellow, sought through the City University of New York. An official there who reviewed Wedes’ application said it looked like he had forged the signatures, the report said.

Gee, what a shock - he was trying to steal taxpayer money he wasn't entitled to. How out of character for an #OWS "leader". Would he have funneled the money into the #OWS movement, I wonder, or just pocketed it for himself? Doubt we'll ever find out - being a little quitter-boy, he avoids sanctions from the NY Public School system, and the Post reports he is refusing to comment, and is currently seeking legal representation.

But this is classic. When caught red-handed and questioned, he plead guilty with an explanation:

Shortly after being questioned by Condon’s probers, Wedes told a school official he forged the supervisor’s signature on the time sheets because he “probably would have signed them anyway,” the report said.

Probably not, actually. Otherwise he wouldn't have gone through the trouble of forging them, although cutting and pasting like a first-grader doesn't exactly make Wedes appear to be a criminal mastermind. Or a mastermind of any kind.

He's just a big-shot at #OWS. And he's as stupid as the rest.

So maybe thee is some kind of equality within the movement after all.  Too bad it doesn't exist within the media that reports on them...

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