Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Republican "Leadership" Fails Again

Saddest thing I've heard (so far) today...via the Daily Caller, it seems like the Republicans leadership, awash in the glow of free florescent lighting, is willing to allow the government to take our inexpensive and practical 100-watt incandescent bulbs off the market:

When queried about what leadership has been doing to preempt the coming phase-out, House Speaker John Boehner’s spokesman Michael Steel told TheDC that he had “not heard any discussion of this issue at all” and directed TheDC to the Energy and Commerce Committee — whose spokesman Alexa Marrero pointed to the amendment in the Energy and Water appropriations bill.

....Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Tuesday that the Energy and Water bill would likely not be considered by the Senate.

Why does the Republican party lose elections that they should win?  Well, besides our inherent evil, the party just doesn't "do" symbolism beyond the American flag.  Simply returning to Americans the basic right to buy any f*cking light bulb they please is a strong legislative message to the country that the Republican party will stand up to, and thwart, the nanny-state goals of liberal governance.  It's not exactly equal to overturning ObamaCare, but it would certainly act as a warning shot across the bow, indicating that we are quite serious about accomplishing that goal as well.

But we're too busy worrying about not offending President Obama and making sure we are on the defensive on every possible issue under the sun.  And it is the only reason that this incumbent president, possibly the worst ever, still has hope to be re-elected next fall.

You don't win wars - cultural, political, or otherwise - on the defensive.  The Republicans had better learn that simple fact quickly, before the battle is lost for good...

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