Friday, December 02, 2011

"Secret Santa": Enemy Of The Obama Administration

Obviously, this gentlemen is not paying enough in taxes

A businessman who identified himself only as “Secret Santa” brought Christmas cheer to Reading, Pa., one $100 bill at a time.

The unnamed Good Samaritan Santa had read about the plight of Reading’s residents, and he spent Tuesday traversing the city and handing out cash to those he thought could use it, the Reading Eagle newspaper reported.

According to the newspaper, the secret Santa gave away $20,000 cash, in bills stamped in red with the words “Secret Santa.”

...the secret Santa walks around handing out money to stunned recipients, including a man who was weeping as he sat inside a bus station. Saying his tears were of joy, he revealed that he had been praying for help just the night before.

The secret Santa explained that helping others helped him.

“I get more out of it than they do,” he said. “I’ve had people say, you know, ‘You saved my life. I was going to commit suicide.’ I’ve had people say, ‘I couldn’t pay my heat. … I hadn’t eaten in days,’” he said.

One woman off-camera could be heard saying, “Oh, my God, who is he? Who is he?”
Another woman, in tears after receiving her gift, replied: “What an amazing man


-if the government had confiscated this man's extra money in the name of "income inequality" and "redistribution", would it have ever gotten it into the hands of the truly needy?

-has anyone every wept at government largess, claimed the feds have answered their prayers, or called them "amazing" (in a positive way)?

Our Secret Santa is the enemy of the Liberal state. He takes stock of his own wealth, and redistributes a share of it himself, without rules, regulations, intermediaries, bureaucrats, or overstaffed agencies. He receives no tangible kickbacks, save for what personal satisfaction he gleans from directly helping those in need (something liberals claim to be working for, but never seem to actually succeed at). Nor will our Santa force others to give him their money to give away so that he may feel better about himself, and so that you may, by dint of his reflected glory, feel better about yourself - a consolation prize offered by the left in exchange for their confiscation of your hard-earned money.

Reading's Santa is the living embodiment of why capitalism works better than socialism, and  - like all proof that runs counter to the worldview of the welfare state -  he needs to be destroyed (see Palin, Sarah). Would it surprise me to see this mystery man unmasked, and perhaps charged with a tax-related crime, or embarrassed by a media expose of some aspect of his personal life, whether true or false?

Alas, it wouldn't. Not in Obama's America...

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