Thursday, December 08, 2011

The UN and Susan Rice: A Match Made In Heaven (or Hell)

I don't know who comes out looking worse here, the United Nations itself or our ambassador, Susan Rice. But either way, this tale out of the Jew-hating UN Human Rights Council - you know, the one that Israel's best friend in history, Barack Obama, insisted we re-join - encapsuals everything wrong about the body, and the mentality of the liberals who worship at its altar.

The Council had just followed a discussion on Syria with a resolution promising to appoint a human rights investigator – four months from now in March 2012 – and rejected calls to seek the involvement of the Security Council and the International Criminal Court. The U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice tried to praise the body’s toughness: “No nation has been the subject of more than one special session, let alone three, in such a short amount of time.”

Rice continued: “I applaud the Council for holding its third special session on Syria since April, with a record 29 co-sponsors.”

So while Assad continues to brutally murder his subjects, the best the UN can do is...put off an investigation  - not commit to action to protect the innocent, mind you - until the early spring.

And how will this free the Syrian people, or protect them from a bloodthirsty regime, or even avenge the dead who fought for freedom?

It won't, of course.  But this is apparently the best the UN can do.  And Susan Rice finds it praiseworthy.

We find Susan Rice to be a lying sack of shit, incidentally, for even her praise needed to be buffeted with intentional inaccuracies in order to make this pathetic "action" seem more robust than it actually was:

While the Council held three special sessions on Syria between April and December 2011, it has held six special sessions on Israel and three of those occurred in a shorter amount of time, namely, between July and November 2006.

The state department press release claimed that 29 countries was “by far the largest number of co-sponsors for any special session since the Council was created.” In fact, five other Council special sessions had more co-sponsors, including a session on Israel and the infamous Goldstone operation that had 33.

The Weekly Standard piece (linked above) goes on for a number of pages, laying out blatant falsehoods about UN actions put out by the Obama administration,  in an attempt to either buttress flagging support for this failing institution or to give cover to its daily anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic activities.  And it's just another propaganda fail by the administration, as recent polling seems to indicate Americans want to distance ourselves from this worse-than-useless, morally decrepit organization as much as possible.

What is even more illuminating than Susan Rice's lies (and Obama's willingness to parrot them) is the fact that for liberals, the holding of meetings, the counting of signatories, the agreement to move forward at a later date, the chest-pounding statements bearing little resemblance to truth - this, to them, is considered "action".

Even though nothing has been accomplished - nothing at all.

This, of course, permeates their worldview - study nothing in college, go out and get a job that creates nothing, and pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments, while declaring yourself a morally superior human being to the one besides you - who is likely, through his private sector taxes, paying your way through life.

Then note how the liberal society always disintegrates into chaos.  Is it any wonder, with the embodiment of this ethos leading the free world, that the West is crumbling, and that  totalitarianism is once again on the rise?

Somehow, Susan Rice calls this a victory.  And Barack Obama plans to run on it in 2012.  Good luck to you both...

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