Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rasmussen: Romney 45%, Obama 39%

What else needs to be said?  The incumbent, with all of his media love, can't even crack 40%.  How the hell is he going to get to the 50+1 mark?  Is there enough mud in his bucket?  In any bucket?  And how much of it can stick to a man like Mitt Romney?

Hot Air has this bit of data, which is even more interesting.  While the average American comes in ideologically at a 3.3 on a 1-5 scale (1 being uber-liberal, 5 being hard-right), we view Romney as a 3.5, just slightly to the right of us.  Obama comes in, however, at a 2.3 - which makes him further Left than any Republican is to the far right.

Again, can all the mud-chucking in the world change that datum?

It seems like we already figured out exactly who Barack Hussein Obama is. And so has Robert Stacy McCain:

He is a false prophet of an anti-religion, whose chief reason for existing is the destruction of America. He’s an un-remarkable piece of work, selected, groomed, credentialed and escorted to his current position not because he has shred #1 of merit in the traditional sense; rather, that he’s a reliable tool for the task of demolition.

He is the totalitarian poster child for the return to a pre-Enlightenment patronage system, where the wealth stays in the hands of the Cool People, with occasional bread & circuses, and regular games for the proles. There is some wealth redistribution, but absolutely no power redistribution whatsoever.

His is the moment in time where the Ruling Class decided that it was time to finish the Progressive project, before technology rendered it completely unattainable

Somewhere, in our gut, we all know this. Some want the ruling class to win, thinking they will reap the spoils. But they are not the majority.

Shit, they ain't even the 40%...

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Steve said...

I am suprised you haven't written yet about the hate filled barrage that spewed forth from the left-wing against Kelly Clarkson after she tweeted her support for a Republican.