Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hanukkah Hottie #5 Wishes You A Merry Christmas

With a name like Michelle Trachtenberg, she just had to be Jewish, right?  Her stats are legit:

Her father is from Germany and her mother was born in Russia; Trachtenberg can speak Russian fluently. Trachtenberg is of Jewish heritage, and celebrates both Christmas and Hanukka; her grandparents live in Israel Trachtenberg was raised, along with older sister Irene, in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn...

Not the girl from Buffy, or the manipulative bitch from Gossip Girl, but a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn, who can speak Russian with the babushkas, and has mishpacha in Israel. And appreciates the joy of Christmas.  What can be better?

Oh, wait. Did I mention she is crazy-hot?  Yeah, that's better.  The fifth candle is smokin':

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She... is... so pretty!

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